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yo, it;s ya boi reese.
17 years old and Horribly inactive on this site

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I made a Portal t-shirt!

Mon Aug 24, 2015, 2:03 PM…

I'm GLaD to announce that I'll be selling t-shirts from now on! 
there's a funny story behind it really, I can't buy shirts online, due to high shipping costs, so I decided to make my own. But since I got positive feedback on my design, I decided to put it online so others could buy it.

So here's the space core t-shirt, I'll be making one for the other cores aswell, so stay tuned 

  • Listening to: Elvis presley
  • Watching: Raveleijn
  • Playing: Aperture tag, the paint gun inicative


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Thanks for the FAV. XD
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Hello, just wanted to put this up: I've been working on this serious fanfiction that ties System Shock 2 and Bioshock Infinite together, and brushes with Half-Life 2 and Marathon. Check out these links if you're interested, although it's not done yet. I'm very close.
Goggles and the Tears: Chapter 1“Join me, human, and-and-and we can rule...and we can rule, together!!”
 With that one phrase, the hard-bitten cyborg super-soldier declined a typical offer of ultimate power from a being who wanted to play god, and as if to add, “Screw you” to that line, he pulled out his shotgun and blasted SHODAN in the face.
 The cybernetic wannabe deity screamed in a somewhat over-the-top fashion while her pocket universe of cyberspace collapsed around both of them.
 When he came to, the soldier found himself back on the bridge of the Rickenbacker. He looked about after getting back on his feet, and noticed not only that the bridge’s computers were back online, and that the portal into cyberspace was indeed closed for good, but now that the Many’s dead tissue was slowly decaying. Just to be safe, he made a note to look for, if not synthesize some more canisters of Toxin A.
 In the meantime, he stepped behind th
  Goggles and the Tears: Chapter 2Location: Finkton, Columbia. 30,000 feet over New York City. Year 1912.
 “Booker, do you hear that?”
 “I hear something coming from that tear. Look!”
 Booker DeWitt checked his surroundings for any potential enemies, but in this area of Finkton, there were none for the time being. Elizabeth grabbed hold of the tear, reached out and pulled it just wide enough to see that this tear, unlike many of the others, didn’t show just a freight hook or a view into Paris. Here, it seemed that they were looking at the surface of some kind of giant ship in a black void filled with stars.
 “I don’t know if we should go through. Comstock might see us. And I for one need to rest, ugh…” Booker gagged in how he’d made the mistake of looting a wastebasket with perfectly good food inside. Why he had even the thought to do that was beyond his own reckoning.
 “It can’t be any worse, it s
  Goggles and the Tears: Chapter 3Everyone in the room was chilled to the bone by this sudden appearance of four strange people out of nowhere. And as quickly as they arrived, they were gone when the lights flickered for a moment.
 SHODAN hijacked a local camera in the conference room and started talking, “Well, well, well. It seems my han-han-han-handiwork has produced some un-un-un-expected results. Mmm...I should have killed Delacroix when I had the chance...when I had the chance. Pi-pity.”
 Goggles sarcastically remarked, “Nice seeing you too, you ugly b*tch.”
 “I’ve known what you’ve done, but I took every measure to keep you out of the Von Braun’s systems. No more godhood for you, SHODAN!!” Marie yelled in anger.
 The computer emitted several beeps, a few bursts of static, then XERXES cut the sounds off with, “This is XERXES. Unauthorized intrusion blocked. We appreciate your intentions.”
 SHODAN retorted, with a vis
  Goggles and the Tears: Chapter 4 “What now?” Gordon asked.
 “Only one thing: Stop. SHODAN. Whatever happens, we can’t let that AI get what she wants,” Goggles stated rather gruffly.
 “So what do you think she’d be up to right now?” Alyx asked.
 “I’m assuming that from that...monologue of hers, she’s building...something, somewhere and some...something will be a body for her,” Mjolnir 54 suggested.
 “Okay....We’ve got to stop that from happening, or at least make it so that she can’t back herself up and keep retrying over and over. I’m so fed up with that...that electronic jerk! If we’re going to take SHODAN out, then we’d better do it properly and make sure there's no backlash,” Goggles ranted.
 “Wow, that bad, huh?” Alyx quipped.
  Tommy looked at his girlfriend and shrugged, having no idea where this plan was going. His face couldn't keep her from la
  Goggles and the Tears: Chapter 5SHODAN’s army was nearly complete. She had manufactured exactly 21 androids with human-like skin, and had the first one tweaked especially for herself. As Elizabeth, still blank-eyed and quiet, ripped open a new tear to a room right where a man in a suit with a long white beard and hair stood before a baptism dish; SHODAN, with no more need of the Von Braun’s data loop, downloaded her full consciousness into the special android, feeling the new circuitry and mechanisms kicking in already. She smiled while admiring her semi-human body, staring at the rubber coating as if she was a full human, as ironic as that seemed to her.
 Then it occurred to her that if she was to dominate society in the past, SHODAN would have to change her voice to sound more convincing. Internally, she processed and tested the state of her vocal output several times until it didn’t stutter or repeat any longer, and actually sounded human. Good.
 This joy was swiftly dampened, though, f
Dr-Bowman Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Student General Artist
I'm not mutch of a reader, But perhaps I will someday (I just finished bioshock 1 actualy, currently busy on 2, and when steam has a sale im buying them all for pc)
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How r u?
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